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Computer Upgrade

Why invest a lot of money in buying a new computer when you can repair your broken one with just a few upgrades? Here at computer depot we can hep improve your laptop and desktop performance and extend working life years.

Get Big performance boosts with a simple upgrade!

Visit us today and we'll assess your current computer or laptop, and recommend the most suitable solution that fits both your requirements and budget!

Computer memory, also known as RAM (Random Access Memory), helps your computer boot up quickly and operate efficiently. If you experience slow application loading or your computer struggles when running multiple programs, upgrading your memory might be the solution.

Memory upgrades can benefit all computer users, but they are particularly important for those who use their machine for:

  • Media editing (video, photo, and audio)

  • Games

  • Graphic design

  • Multi-tasking

  • Running 64-bit operating systems

  • Running multiple operating systems at once.


If you have already acquired additional memory, Computer Depot can install it for you. If not, we are pleased to provide high-quality RAM for sale at our stores.


With the growing collection of photos, music, movies, and games, our computers can become cluttered and feel like they are reaching capacity. If your computer is displaying messages about "low disk space" or running slower than usual, it's likely time for an upgrade. At Computer Depot, we offer a vast range of conventional platter-based hard drives (HDD) and high-speed solid state drives (SSD) to meet your storage needs.

Operating System Upgrades

Computer Depot can upgrade your computer's operating system to the latest version available, providing you with access to new features, applications, bug fixes, and more. Our skilled technicians are equipped to handle upgrades for Windows, macOS (OS X), or any of the various Linux distributions. And if you're ready for a major change, we can even install a completely new operating system on your computer.

If you're ready to upgrade, reach out to Computer Depot today or bring your computer to one of our two accessible Seattle locations. If you prefer, we also offer on-site support for both residential and commercial settings.

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